10 Best Cycling Blogs to Follow in 2024

10 Best Cycling Blogs to Follow in 2024

10 Best Cycling Blogs to Follow in 2024

Electric Biking
Electric biking is an exciting blog that lifts the lid dizike.com on everything you didn’t know about electric bikes. Focused on both newbie enthusiasts and seasoned e-bike users, this is where you go to get a taste of the e-bike experience and bring yourself up to speed with the latest developments in the electric biking world.

The blog offers in-depth and unbiased reviews on all manner of e-bike models and brands in the market; from eMTBS and electric cruisers to battery-powered road and dirt bikes. Whether you’re looking for the most sought-after fat tire e-bikes around or planning to invest in a practical folding e-bike for your daily commute to work, this site recommends to you the best products on offer.

To ensure that you get exactly what you want when you walk into a bike store, electric biking offers professional buying guides touching on all the crucial features and specifications that make a bike top-tier. It also matches the different types of bikes reviewed with the experience and specific preferences of a potential buyer for the best electric biking experience.

Overall, we like the easy, friendly, and fun writing style of the bog with all the technical words and details explained for the uninitiated readers to understand. If you are all about electric bikes, the highlights and revelations in this blog will interest and excite you at the same time!

Bike Radar
We’re completely hooked on Bike Radar. These guys have a ridiculous amount of biking content – from reviews of the latest bikes (both electric and not-so-electric), tips ‘n’ tricks, to the latest cycling news.

They go beyond just e-bikes – there’s also a wealth of advice on how to improve your biking skills. We especially love their nutrition guides – beats doing the research yourself.

If you’re a hard-core biking geek as we are, tune into BR’s weekly podcast. It’s a thrilling listen if you get easily excited about bikes as we do.

Cycling Weekly
Cycling Weekly is one of the oldest biking magazines in the world. The first issue hit the newsstands in 1891, and they haven’t skipped a beat ever since.

In 2006 they launched a website that quickly became one of the go-to information hubs for many cycling enthusiasts.

We love reading their reviews and buyers’ guides. They’re really easy to digest and always insightful.

CW is also our go-to place for the latest cycling news. They have a no-nonsense approach to covering racing news and publish an insightful op-ed almost daily.

BikeRide is our go-to website wherever we need help with bike repairs. The website is a wreath of knowledge on all things repair related.

Of course, they do more than just bike repairs. BikeRide is also one of the best bike review aggregators on the Internet.

Right below their review, you can find hundreds of other expert and user reviews. And since you get such a wealth of differing opinions, it’s the first place you should check out before buying a bike.

Oh, and you should also check out their events section if you’re up for some adventuring.

You can’t be a true cycling nerd if you don’t keep up with the news. This is why we regularly visit Cyclingnews.

These guys cover everything from the latest race reports to new advances in bike tech. Don’t worry, they’re just as unbiased as other companies on this list. So, if you’re looking for a trustworthy source of all things cycling – Cycling news is it.

CyclingNews also has one of the best review sections in the world. They go into so much detail about the products that it can get overwhelming at times.

Bike Perfect
Bike Perfect is one of the fastest growing biking review websites in the world. Although they launched mere 4 years ago, they’re one of the most trusted sources for all things mountain bike related.

Of course, their team of award-winning journalists and writers covers more than just mountain bikes. You can find all kinds of good stuff there, from buyer’s guides to fitness advice and the latest news in the cycling world.

We especially love their in-depth breakdowns of bike accessories such as pedals, cargo racks, and even chain lubes.

Cycling for Girls
Cycling for Girls comes recommended by our friends at Breeze, as a ‘one stop shop’ for female cycling enthusiasts.

With a blog that’s easily accessible – and simple to contribute to – it’s a great forum for discussion and developing understanding for newer bike riders.

Be warned though, the site’s full of lots of tempting products, so perhaps wait until after pay day before checking this one out!

Ordinary Cycling Girl
We love the easy-reading, jargon-free style of Ordinary Cycling Girl. It’s bike and lifestyle focus is complimented with lovely imagery and contemporary design.

We particularly like the ‘author introduction’ section, a refreshingly sincere way of building a relationship with readers.

While setting its stall out as a blog for women, its lifestyle focus is ideal for any cyclist of a ‘pootling persuasion’.

The Secret Pro
The Secret Pro offers a hugely interesting and entertaining insight into the elite cycling world. Protected by anonymity, the blog sets out to break the omertà, or code of silence, long associated with professional road cycling. The juicy titbits it reveals will entertain even cyclists with only a passing interest in the elite side of cycling.

In The Know
Some bike buys are impulse purchases. For everything else, there’s In the know. This site is all about gathering all the information you need if you’re thinking about buying a new bike, parts, or accessories. The site’s blog combines reviews with general info from the cycling world and some nice digests of topical goings-on.