2weeks embraces rapid development with debut: Homestretch Bet

Dedicated to rapid prototyping and public experimentation, 2weeks is a brand new game studio that plans to deliver new web-based game prototypes at a regular pace. The studio’s first experiment, Homestretch Bet, launches today.

Homestretch Bet combines horse racing with the strategy of Texas Hold ‘Em. While some good luck is needed to win, players will bet on horses based on their cards dealt, unique boosts and energy levels.

Pick your pony in 2weeks’ Homestretch Bet.

All of 2week’s gaming experiences will be available on the open web, giving players instant access without apps to install or high-end hardware requirements. In turn, the founders plan to take a more experimental approach, gather feedback from fans and potentially iterate on these concepts.

“This approach lets us try out wild game ideas that don’t work in a traditional model and share them with you much earlier,” said cofounders Brandon Dillon and Richard Foge. “We also get direct access to your feedback about which ideas you like so that we can put our time into making your favorite experiments into great games.”

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2weeks cofounders Foge and Dillion when they met 15 years ago at ArenaNet
2weeks cofounders Richard Foge (L) and Brandon Dillon (R) when they met 15 years ago at ArenaNet.

Both Dillon and Foge bring decades of traditional gaming experience to 2weeks, including roles at ArenaNet, Double Fine, Oculus, Santa Monica Studios and Undead Labs. Prior to founding 2weeks, the founders both held leadership positions at Possibility Space. Founded by fellow ArenaNet alum Jeff Strain, the “distributed” studio shut down in April 2024 before shipping its first game.

Players can try Homestretch Bet on the 2weeks website and provide feedback to help shape future developments.