Anomaly raises $1.45M for AI-driven Layer 3 gaming platform

Anomaly has raised $1.45 million for an AI-driven Layer 3 Web3 gaming platform.

Anomaly unveiled its AI-driven layer 3 gaming platform, which the company said has captivated
Telegram’s users with a novel “play-to-airdrop” mechanism.

The recent funding round valued Anomaly at $11.4 million post-money and it was led by Decasonic, with participation from Shima Capital, Round 13, Triptyq VC, BreakOrbit VC, Inferno labs and some angels.

Additionally, Web3 luminary and The 333 Club founder Zeneca has made a strategic investment, endorsing Anomaly’s vision.

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Anomaly’s platform is redefining the Web3 gaming landscape, integrating seamlessly with Telegram to offer easily accessible mini-games that require no prior crypto knowledge. This innovative approach not only democratises gaming but also enriches it with airdrops and a robust point system that consistently rewards users, the company said.

Long Do, CEO of Anomaly, said in a statement, “Legacy web3 gaming institutions present challenges for both developers and players in deploying and playing crypto games, resulting in a cumbersome process that typically requires technical knowledge and expertise. At Anomaly, we aim to connect with the community by providing immersive social gaming experiences on widely used platforms, featuring easy-to-play mini-games and straightforward reward mechanisms.”

Anomaly said it stands out with its AI-powered SDK, enabling rapid creation and deployment of mini-games across social media platforms such as Telegram and Discord. The platform’s advanced AI functionalities include player-model training, matchmaking, automated quest creation, and in-game asset generation, set to change the gaming experience.

Anomaly employs a strategic approach that leverages Arbitrum’s Orbit for an ultra-fast gaming user experience, coupled with Gelato’s leading web3 services for automated gameplay. This approach facilitates a zero-gas fee environment and ensures fair play through on-chain randomness.

Additionally, Anomaly has recently formed partnerships with Socket Protocol and Blockscout, enhancing its offerings with utilities like native account abstraction and chain abstraction, among others.

Alex Wettermann, head of gaming at Shima Capital, said in a statement, “Anomaly is an AI-gaming layer 3 app chain that integrates custom AI engine built mini-games directly into platforms like Telegram. The company aims to make lightweight games which leverage crypto relevant apps for distribution, DePIN architecture to manage + scale compute, and crypto incentives to help bootstrap + retain.”

He added, “In short, our investment into Anomaly is a bet on Telegram users being onboarded as web3 gamers and node operators / benefactors, the pending secondary market and gamification of nodes, games being used to retain users running nodes in Telegram, and a serial crypto founder who has proven time and time again how he ships with velocity to serve gaps in the market.”

Under Long’s leadership, Anomaly has secured multiple IP partnerships with esteemed brands like Atari,
signalling a robust expansion strategy. The company is poised for a node sale and an ecosystem token
launch later this year, promising to further cement its position in the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

“Anomaly stands out as an AI-powered socialFi layer 3 blockchain and we are excited to lead this round of financing. They offer game developers a best in class solution for web3 gaming production, publishing, and user growth. They set new gameplay standards for social experiences and monetization. They are intensely innovating on a decentralized infrastructure to align game developers with their gamers. Founded by a stellar team, this investment signifies our belief in their potential to not only lead but also transform the way games are developed and experienced globally,” said Paul Hsu, Founder & CEO of Decasonic, in a statement.