Archetype Entertainment unveils concept art and story of Exodus game

Archetype Entertainment is sharing a new in-universe story and concept art for its science fiction game Exodus.

The new story material is about Silicates – a mysterious alien life form completely unknown to the Celestials, which forms a game-changing symbiotic relationship with humankind.

When touched, the Silicates transform the host into powerful Daemons capable of fighting against the Celestials as living weapons. However, becoming a Daemon isn’t all positive, as intrusive, violent thoughts take over their minds; for beings with incredible power, only the strongest and most resistant can flourish. Is the risk worth the reward for the Travelers in their ongoing battle for survival against the Celestials? Only time will tell.

Shadow Berserk in Exodus.
Shadow Berserk in Exodus.

Archetype Entertainment’s Silicates reveal is the latest in a steady stream of Exodus updates following the game’s unveiling at The Game Awards by Matthew McConaughey. In case you haven’t been following closely, some of those include companion Elise Charroux, a hard-hitting weapons expert with a biting, sarcastic sense of humor that disguises a deep-seated sense of loss.

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It also revealed a deep-dive into Time Dilation and how player choices can have emotional, generation-spanning impacts — and an Earth Day-inspired retrospective on how humanity fled a dying Earth on Ark Ships.

Shadow Daemon in Exodus.

The story of the Silicates is part of humanity’s migration to the Centauri Cluster in another part of the galaxy. There, humanity encountered harsh, uninhabitable landscapes or regions controlled by creatures
that had no intention of sharing their living space with humans.

Many of these “aliens” were recognizable as distant relatives of terrestrial animals that had evolved and adapted to their new surroundings. Others were beings genetically engineered to thrive in the most extreme conditions; monsters resembling the things that crawl through the dark corners of our worst
cryosleep nightmares.