Blocklords unveils Dynasty companion app on Coinbase’s Base blockchain

Blocklords, a Web3 medieval grand strategy game, has launched Dynasty, a companion app on Coinbase’s Base blockchain.

The app is an expansion that invites players to dive deeper into empire-building and strategic gameplay,
now enhanced by onchain technology.

In Dynasty, players embark on a quest to build an enduring family legacy. At launch, each player is gifted a Hero, marking the first step in crafting a powerful Dynasty. With the introduction of Hero-permadeath, every decision becomes crucial, adding a new layer of tactical depth and making Heroes valuable strategic assets.

David Johansson, CEO of Blocklords, said that Blocklords has incorporated community-driven narrative elements since its launch in September, allowing users to vote on development proposals and create their own stories. The success of Web3 games depends on user engagement, retention rates, and monetization, with strong retention numbers and promising monetization models being key factors.

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The company as seen more than 150,000 downloads since September. In mainstream games, that’s nothing to brag about. But with blockchain games, that’s not bad considering each player is more likely to spend money. The company had 29,000 daily active players last month.

“That was really exciting,” Johansson said. “We’re introducing battles later this year.”

For now, the company is introducing Dynasty, which is web-based where you can use the heroes that you’ve been leveling up inside PC game and now play on mobile. There have been a lot of community events, like where players pay respects to fallen heroes.

Johansson said the game has been inspired by titles like Crusader Kings, Civilization and more. Players who engage on the Web3 side can participate in the narrative of the game. They can contribute their own stories to the game. And the community can vote on the lore and decide whether to consider it as canon, or part of the intellectual property.

“We definitely see it going further with other IP material in the future,” Johansson said.

Considering the number of users, Johansson said, “We’ve got a lot of work to do. The game is still very much in early access. For where we are right now, 30,000 daily active players is still quite a strong number,” he said. “If you compare us to other blockchain games, we are getting stronger engagement. Out of the 30,000 daily active players, we’ve sold about 15,000 battle passes.”

That’s a pretty good sales rate, considering free-to-play games often get a few percent of users to pay.

“The users we get are high quality,” he said.

Dynasty also introduces dynamic missions and rewards, where strategic choices directly impact success and the rewards earned. Players can forge alliances through strategic marriages, enhancing gameplay and ensuring empire stability.

Dynasty is launched on Base, an L2 blockchain incubated by Coinbase, known for its low gas fees and seamless user onboarding. During its 1,000-person closed beta test, Dynasty achieved 25,000 transactions, ensuring a smooth and efficient gaming experience for all players.

Dynasty introduces new features to enhance the Blocklords gaming experience. Players can now engage in Duels, send Heroes on Missions, and lay Fallen Heroes to rest, all to collect House Renown.

A key highlight of Dynasty is Gamedrop 3, featuring Orbs as unique assets central to the game’s economy. Players can use Renown to purchase Dynasty Chests, which contain various items, including Orbs. The ultimate goal is to craft the rare Mythic Orb, limited to only 100 units.

Seamlessly integrated with the Blocklords Portal, Dynasty allows players to transfer assets across Polygon, Immutable X, and Base, enhancing security and asset management without relying on third-party intermediaries.

Johansson said, “Dynasty marks a new chapter for our community, elevating strategic gameplay and player-driven economies. By leveraging Base’s technology, we’re providing a smoother, more integrated experience for our players.”

In the game, you will be able to farm or fight. You can acquire squads and take them into battle or into the woods to be lumberjacks. Over time, the company will launch the battle systems and enable players to steal resources or land from each other. In the Dynasty app, players can fight Duels or go on Missions and get rewards from the activity. They can try to make their families more powerful.

“I think we’re in a normalization of blockchain across all the sectors. I wouldn’t say gamers have embraced crypto yet. But I think they’re less angry about it.”

The team has 46 people and it has raised $19 million to date. Many of the players are from markets like Eastern Europe, Brazil, Ukraine, France, Sweden and Japan. The average player is over 30.

As for the state of the blockchain market now, it is interesting to see Bitcoin prices on the rise and fueling more purchases. There are a lot of tokens that are underperforming now, meaning they were purchased by players early on and the price for resale has sunk. That has applied to many tokens where the actual games are lackluster. Over time, a better quality game will yield a higher long-term value.