Daylight launches blue-light-free computer Daylight DC1

Daylight, a public-benefit technology company, will unveil its groundbreaking product, Daylight DC1, at an exclusive event in San Francisco.

Spearheaded by CEO Anjan Katta, this innovative device will prioritize user wellbeing and focus over traditional tech engagement methods.

The company said Daylight DC1 is the world’s first calm and blue-light-free computer, designed to foster a healthier relationship with technology. It features the proprietary LivePaper display, which combines the calming effects of E-Ink with the responsiveness of an LCD, offering a paper-like reading and writing experience.

The Daylight Tablet features a proprietary LivePaper display, which combines the calm focus of E-Ink
with the smooth responsiveness of a traditional LCD. The company said you can think of this as if a Kindle and iPad had a baby. This breakthrough technology enables paper-like reading and writing experiences while maintaining full compatibility with all your favorite apps, the company said.

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The Daylight DC1 is designed for mental wellbeing.

This breakthrough technology is complemented by a zero blue light pure amber backlight, reducing eye strain and promoting better sleep and a healthier circadian rhythm.

“Daylight is more than a product; it’s a movement towards a more humane and focused way of interacting with technology,” said Katta, who is also founder of Daylight, in a statement. “Our goal is to create devices that encourage users to reconnect with the natural world and their own thoughts, rather than being constantly overstimulated by screens. And this is only the start.”

The first set of Daylight DC1 units has already sold out in preorders, underscoring the high demand and excitement surrounding this revolutionary product. The next round of preorders is now open here.

“Daylight represents a comprehensive vision for a new era of personal computing, one where technology adapts to humanity, not the other way around,” added Katta. “We are thrilled to introduce the world to the Daylight DC1 and look forward to fostering a healthier, more focused tech future.”

The Daylight DC1 also features:

  • A 10.5-inch LivePaper display with 60-120Hz refresh rate, the fastest e-paper display in the world, the company said.
  • Zero Blue Light Pure Amber Backlight with flicker-free DC dimming.
  • A Wacom EMR passive stylus for an unlimited battery life drawing experience.
  • Connectivity options including WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5, and USB C OTG.
  • 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD, expandable via a microSD card slot.
  • SolOS, a custom Android-based operating system designed for deep focus, with
    notifications off by default and a minimalist user interface.