Didimo unveils new character editor in Popul8 game dev tool

Didimo unveiled a new character editor in its Popul8 tool for better customization in game development.

Didimo’s flagship product Popul8 now has expanded character editor features for developers and a software development kit (SDK) to give character editing capabilities directly to players within games.

The Porto, Portugal-based company uses AI to help artists create endless variations of characters that are originally designed by human artists. This makes artists more productive, enabling one creator to build a whole crowd of people for a game quickly.

“Popul8’s new character editor and its in-game SDK represent our commitment to empowering developers and artists like never before,” said Veronica Orvalho, CEO of Didimo, in a statement. “This release not only advances our technology but also democratizes high-quality character creation, making it accessible to studios of all sizes, as well as their players.”

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The first goal of these updates was to give game studios and their artists the ability to customize characters down to the finest detail, enabling them to create new and distinct variations of their characters faster.

Having configured a game’s art style within Popul8, the character editor allows artists to create new characters by easily selecting the area they wish to change and moving sliders to guide the variation. Unlike other editors that restrict artistic expression to predefined styles, Popul8’s editor leverages the original work of game artists as a base, enabling true creative freedom. This approach ensures that the aesthetic integrity of the game’s world is maintained while providing the highest-quality visuals.

The second goal of this significant update, achieved through the new SDK, was to enable game makers to give more creative control to players, empowering them to build a character that is truly unique. This not only saves significant development time but also places advanced customization directly in the hands of players, fostering a deeper connection to the game through highly personalized characters.

Popul8’s new character editor

Didimo uses AI to enhance the work of human artists.

The new character editor in Popul8 brings unparalleled control over character design, but with a unique twist: it adapts to any artistic style. This advanced tool empowers artists to sculpt detailed, lifelike characters tailored to their specific vision, bypassing the rigid stylistic constraints typically imposed by other platforms. Developers can now upload their template and modify it into a vast array of character types, from whimsical fantasy figures to hyper-realistic human portrayals, all within their chosen artistic framework. Pushing beyond other character creator technology, Popul8 enables developers to create characters in their bespoke art style to help them deliver a unique experience to their audiences.

From macro-level adjustments such as body proportions to the finest details like facial features and expressions, the character editor delivers unprecedented control.

Available within the standalone Popul8 software and as an SDK for game developers to integrate inside their games, the character editor streamlines game development workflow. Developers can now leverage Didimo’s powerful toolset directly within their existing pipeline, enhancing efficiency and reducing time-to-market.

Popul8’s New SDK

Didimo's Popul8 tool uses AI to generate variations of game characters.
Didimo’s Popul8 tool uses AI to generate variations of game characters.

Inspired by the industry’s best customization systems, Popul8’s new SDK extends character customization capabilities to developers at all levels. Now, any developer can integrate Popul8’s advanced character editing tools into their games, allowing players to design and personalize their characters in real-time, within the game’s unique artistic confines, the company said.

The integration of the 3D character editor through an SDK enables studios to offer players the ability to create new characters according to the game’s unique art styles without the need to develop tools in-house. Popul8’s SDK offers unmatched flexibility, enabling players to generate and manipulate game-ready characters that are fully optimized for performance across various game engines. This facilitates a seamless transition from character design to game integration, supporting a wide array of customization options that enhance player engagement through deeply personalized gaming experiences.

The introduction of the character editor feature in Popul8 and the Character Editor SDK for in-game integration builds on Popul8’s reputation for pioneering advancements in digital character creation. Following the announcement of collaborations with ground-breaking MMOs such as Raph Koster’s Playable Worlds, these enhancements continue to expand the creative possibilities of character creation via the Popul8 suite, facilitating the creation of content that will keep players engaged.

Didimo’s commitment to innovation is shared by studios worldwide. Avalon, Colossal Order, Soleil Game Studios, Sony, Atom Stars, NOS Communications, and Ceek all benefit from Didimo’s solutions.