Elixir Games acquires RoboKiden and teams with Ava Labs

Elixir Games has acquired the RoboKiden shooter game and set up a strategic partnership with Ava Labs.

Developed by The Breach Studios with veterans from Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six Siege, RoboKiden will be powered by a strategic partnership with Elixir and Ava Labs.

Elixir Games is a Web3 gaming company by game industry giant Square Enix. RoboKiden is a game based on an intellectual property developed by game studio Breach Studios.

This strategic acquisition underscores the commitment of Elixir Games to enhance its portfolio with premium gaming experiences with key support from Ava Labs to establish RoboKiden as a flagship title for the Elixir platform. The acquisition and partnership follow a $14 million seed funding round, with notable contributions from the Solana Foundation, NeoTokyo and CyberKongz.

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RoboKiden will be a flagship title for the Elixir Labs platform.

“Our goal at Elixir has always been to bring engaging and innovative IPs to our platform, which is why we’re incredibly excited to bring RoboKiden to our community,” said Carlos Roldan, CEO of Elixir Games, in a statement. “By partnering with Ava Labs, leaders in the development of Web3 tech specifically designed for gaming, we can’t wait for players to start diving into this vibrant arena shooter.”

RoboKiden is an upcoming free online third-person party shooter for Windows, PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Set in a whimsical battle arena with colorful characters and surrounded by towering robots, players will battle alongside friends in a team-based game that combines chaotic fun with strategic gameplay, promising a fresh and engaging experience for gamers of all types.

In conjunction with the acquisition, Elixir Games is also revealing a strategic partnership with Ava Labs. This collaboration aims to leverage Avalanche’s scalable and secure infrastructure to provide a seamless, low-latency gameplay and fortify digital ownership rights.

Robokiden is set for release in July this year and will be one of the highlighted games of the Elixir Season Pass, which recently launched its inaugural season with a prize pool of over $1 million through the Elixir Launcher. Elixir has already confirmed that future seasons will continue this tradition of generous rewards, fostering player engagement and loyalty through unique, value-driven experiences.