ESA Foundation appoints Sue Madden as executive director

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has named Sue Madden as the new executive director of the ESA Foundation.

Madden direct the foundation’s efforts to harness the power of the video game industry to create positive social impact. Emphasizing the importance of education, community, diversity and inclusion, the ESA Foundation awards grants to develop a diverse talent pipeline. Since 2000, the foundation has invested over $22 million and awarded over 450 scholarships to the next generation industry professionals.

“Sue stepped into the interim executive director role this past year and, in a short time, has made tremendous progress in setting a new strategic direction for the Foundation,” said Stanley Pierre-Louise, ESA President and CEO. “Her vast experience in leading and advising foundations will be an invaluable asset to the ESA Foundation as we work to expand the Foundation’s impact in supporting the future leaders of the video game industry.”

Madden’s experience before ESA Foundation

Madden has more than 20 years of experience leading corporate philanthropy programs that support both business purposes and social advocacy. In particular, her work focused on community outreach, engagement and DE&I initiatives.

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She joined The ESA Foundation in June 2023 and served as its interim executive director. In this new role, Madden will continue to lead the ESA Foundation’s annual fundraising gala, Nite to Unite.

“Through my work with the Foundation over the past year, I’ve witnessed how the industry works together to support the next generation of creators and innovators,” Madden said. “It is a privilege to lead the Foundation’s efforts to unlock opportunities for emerging talent who someday will serve as industry leaders.”

Prior to her extensive corporate philanthropy experience in-house at the USA TODAY Network’s Gannett Foundation and BAE Systems, Madden also ran her own consulting group for nearly 14 years. The Madden Group helped businesses and foundations maximize their business and social impact.