Even Realities unveils G1 Digital Glasses

Even Realities, a company that blends digital and physical realities, announced the launch of its first product, the G1 Digital Glasses.

The Berlin, Germany-based company said the G1 marks a significant leap forward in wearable technology, integrating advanced digital features into stylish, quality everyday eyewear.

The G1 bridges the gap between smart glasses that are bulky and over-featured and AI companions that lack practical functionality for everyday use. The G1 Digital Glasses sit at a new product nexus, prioritizing wearability and usability.

Even Realities’ G1

Designed and engineered for daily use, the G1 Digital Glasses embody Even Realities’ core values of enhancing human experiences while maintaining “undisturbed connections,” prioritizing human interaction.

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The G1 caters to tech-savvy individuals, busy professionals and executives, design enthusiasts, and digital nomads alike. With this human-centric design philosophy, the G1 features content perfectly floating in users’ visual field, allowing interaction with digital applets and content without taking their eyes off of what matters.

“The G1 helps redefine the way people interact with technology,” said Will Wang, Founder of Even Realities, in a statement. “Our vision is to enable users to see what matters in the merge of digital and physical realities, all while staying connected to the world around them.”

The G1 Digital Glasses are powered by Even Realities’ own user interface, the Even OS. Key features include the Translate for real-time spoken language translation, Navigate for integrated turn-by-turn directions, and Teleprompt for AI-powered virtual teleprompter, aiding in speeches and presentations.

The QuickNotes and Reminder features can enhance productivity by allowing users to capture notes hands-free, and view instant messages and upcoming events without needing other smart devices. The G1 also works perfectly with LLMs like ChatGPT, further extending its functionality. These advanced features make the G1 Digital Glasses a versatile and valuable tool for everyday use.

G1 digital glasses

Drawing on previous experience with luxury eyewear brands like Lindberg and Mykita, Even Realities engineers have crafted the G1 with a focus on premium design, CMF, and build quality, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your everyday style.

The G1’s patented signature screwless hinge and thin frame are meticulously designed to be lightweight and weight-balanced, providing exceptional ergonomics and comfort while maintaining the sturdiness of regular prescription glasses.

The G1 frame is ultra lightweight and incorporates premium materials such as magnesium alloys and a sandstone coating . Its adaptive temple support, made with hypoallergenic titanium alloys and silicone parts, offers a velvety feel. Available with either prescription or non-prescription lenses, the G1 can also be easily transformed into sunglasses with a clip-on, making them versatile for both indoor and outdoor use.

The G1’s crystal-clear display leverages HAOS technology, powered by the world’s most compact Micro LED optical engine projector, and features the thinnest waveguide lenses possible. These advanced display lenses integrate with digitally surfaced lenses for prescription glasses, achieving both ultra-thinness and optimum visual clarity.

The unobtrusive display places all essential information perfectly in your line of sight, enhancing digital daily lives while keeping you connected to what matters most. Even Realities’ G1 aims to enrich users’ lives by delivering just the right amount of information without overwhelming them, ensuring a balanced experience that complements reality.