Inworld AI launches Inworld Voice to generate game character voices

Inworld AI, an AI and games startup that raised $50 million on a $500 million valuation last year, has launched Inworld Voice, a new AI voice generator.

Inworld Voice delivers dynamic voice experiences for game makers looking for expressive, cost-efficient and high quality voices. (I’ve asked the company how they address actors’ concerns about the potential theft of their voices by AI technology).

Inworld said the product features a diverse portfolio of 58 voices (at launch), powered by AI models that add depth and realism through improved latency, rhythm, intonation and pitch variation.

The underlying technology and models powering Inworld Voice utilize advanced machine learning models, with customization options that allow users to choose voices and adjust settings to fit their project.

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Use cases for Inworld Voice include gaming, audiobooks and narration, voice over, education and training, podcasts, AI assistants and chatbots and other interactive experiences, the company said.

Inworld Voice is cost efficient. The first 100 requests per day are free via Inworld’s TTS API, and for Inworld Engine customers, the voice pipeline is included at no extra cost.

Inworld is continuing to work on new features as part of their ongoing development, including voice cloning capabilities, multilingual support and adding more contextual awareness for more emotionally connected interactions.