Logitech launches MX Ink stylus for Meta Quest mixed reality headsets

Logitech is launching MX Ink, a stylus that works for Meta Quest mixed reality headsets.

The mixed reality (MR) landscape redefines how we interact in the digital world, requiring familiar, intuitive, and precise tools to unleash creativity and drive productivity. That’s why the companies are introducing the first MR stylus for Meta Quest.

MX Ink empowers users to engage in high-precision creativity and exercise precise control, allowing them to create, annotate, and navigate in MR environments.

“For over four decades, Logitech has shown the way with software-enabled, hardware solutions crafted to
provide people the freedom and precise control they need to express themselves, connecting them to the
digital world,” said Vadim Kogan, head of AR/VR at Logitech, in a statement. “The new Logitech MX Ink is a stylus that eamlessly transitions from 2D to 3D spaces, offering the familiarity of a 2D stylus with the tracking accuracy expected by Meta Quest users in MR. Meta has been incredible to work with, and their MR expertise combined with our user experience and comfort knowledge helps us bridge the gap between traditional tools and the immersive digital world.”

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MX Ink works with Gravity Sketch

MX Ink will mark the first time Meta Quest headsets support more than two paired controllers at once.
Once paired, you can easily switch between using Meta Quest controllers and MX Ink without interrupting your workflow.

The stylus pairs through the Meta Quest app and is compatible with Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest 2.

“MX Ink offers a first-of-its-kind input device for the Meta Quest ecosystem,” said Furhan Zafar, VP of sustaining product operations and accessories at Meta, in a statement. “We believe the Meta customers will benefit from having such a complimentary tool that will be supported by many applications and users alike.”

MX Ink’s familiar pen-like feel makes it easy to use in key creation and collaboration applications. Like a
real pen or pencil, the pressure-sensitive tip works on a variety of physical surfaces, so you can write and
sketch more naturally in applications such as Painting VR, Engage XR, OpenBrush, and Arkio without
missing a single line or detail.

MX Ink stylus fits in the MX Inkwell.
MX Ink stylus fits in the MX Inkwell.

Users of 3D sketching, design, and modeling software including Gravity Sketch and Adobe Substance 3D Modeler can apply different levels of pressure to control line and stroke weight for more expressive and detailed interactions. In ShapesXR, MX Ink offers a powerful and intuitive toolset to easily create in 3D. MX Ink also brings critical precision to surgery planning using Elucis by Realize Medical.

For a smoother writing and drawing experience, MX Ink can be paired with MX Mat, a friction-free writing and drawing environment. Additionally, MX Ink is offered with MX Ink Well, a charging base inspired by pen stands, ensuring that the stylus is always ready for use. Currently, MX Ink is supported by Gravity
Sketch, ShapesXR, Engage XR, Adobe Substance 3D Modeler, Arkio, Realize Medical, Painting VR,
and OpenBrush.

MX Ink, MX Ink + MX Inkwell Combo, and MX Mat will be available later this year through www.logitech.com, www.meta.com, and Amazon. For developers interested in integrating MX Ink with
their applications, visit www.logitech.com/mx-ink to apply for a developer kit.