MetalCore unveils Barony guild system for mech warfare shooter

Studio 369, developers of the open-world mech shooter MetalCore, today announced the upcoming launch of its Barony guild system.

This new guild program empowers players to form their own self-governed in-game factions known as Baronies.

Being part of a Barony allows players to accelerate progression, share resources and blueprints, recruit new members, and pool their forces together to dominate in massive player-vs-player (PvP) faction wars and battles on an unprecedented scale.

You can play on foot or in a mech in MetalCore.
You can play on foot or in a mech in MetalCore.

“With Baronies, we’re enabling gamers to create their own powerful in-game nations and forge their destiny through unity and loyalty,” said Matt Candler, CEO of Studio 369, in a statement. “Only those banding together in mighty Baronies will be able to claim dominance on the war-torn battlefields of Kerberos.”

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The Barony system unlocks a suite of exclusive benefits for gamers including access to competitive player-versus-player (PvP) leaderboards for weekly rewards, ability to craft unique Barony-specific quests and challenges, higher tiers of account perks and ultra-rare reward drops, and the power to rent out in-game assets.

Each Barony features a full hierarchy of roles, from the supreme Baron leader to Ministers, Knights, Initiates and more. Higher tier “Premium Baronies” enjoy additional privileges like exclusive in-game events.

Studio369 raised $5 million for MetalCore.
Studio369 raised $5 million for MetalCore.

Over 100 million gamers from elite gaming guilds and organizations like Yield Guild Games (YGG), W3GG, Perion, Merit Circle, Ancient8 Gaming, Perion and Avocado DAO, and more have already begun forming prospective Baronies. As early partners, these established guilds will benefit from accelerated unlocking at launch, allowing them to rapidly build their forces.

“Baronies represent a true democratization of gameplay, putting the ability to form powerful in-game factions into the hands of players themselves,” said Candler. “The potential for emergent gameplay and epic collective storytelling is limitless.”

The Barony system will begin rolling out in the third quarter of 2024 ahead of MetalCore’s full release on PC and the Epic Games Store.

MetalCore is a sci-fi massively multiplayer online (MMO) game featuring epic mechs and PvPvE battles, with deep crafting mechanics and a player-driven economy. Set on the distant planet of Kerberos, players must survive an adrenaline-fueled battleground starting as a foot soldier, climb the ranks and grow their destructive arsenal of mechs and war machines.

MetalCore’s scanning system lets players obtain blueprints from fallen enemies, craft new weapons and vehicles, and even convert them to web3 assets for trading. With over 150 playable Mechs, Tanks, Aircraft, and Infantry units, MetalCore promises a lot of hours of gameplay in a vast open world.