MIGS will host largest external game development marketplace

XP Gaming, the business-to-business video game industry conference provider, announced a strategic partnership with Game Caviar, the world’s largest external development marketspace, for this year’s MIGS (Montreal International Game Summit).

Game developers and publishers face significant risks and time costs when sourcing essential services like art, audio, programming, and localization from external developers.

Game Caviar is revolutionizing the industry with a free dynamic platform that swiftly connects buyers with over 160 game development services from more than 500 vetted partners for seamless collaboration, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing risk dramatically.

Game Caviar and XP Gaming are deeply committed to connecting and advancing the video game industry. By introducing the world’s largest external development marketspace into XP Gaming’s premier conferences, this strategic partnership creates an unprecedented seedbed for publishers, investors, developers, and service providers to connect, collaborate, and drive the industry forward.

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As the kickoff event of their new partnership, MIGS 2024 will feature more focused External Development matchmaking and main stage content curated by Game Caviar. The service platform will bring buyers from their curated directory providing a new level of connectivity to grow businesses and create productivity solutions.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with La Guilde and XP Gaming to bring an External Development focus to the premier B2B gaming event,” stated Jason RM Smith, founder of Game Caviar, in a statement. “Montreal, a renowned global hub for the gaming industry, offers an ideal setting for our platform partners and MIGS attendees to expand their networks, share insights and forge valuable business connections.”

MIGS (Montreal International Game Summit) is Canada’s longest running B2B video game conference for the video game industry, attracting top professionals from around the globe.

MIGS 2023 saw over 550 companies from 24 countries, with over 45% of attendees holding Director-level positions or higher. Building on this success, the 2024 event is the second edition produced by XP Gaming and promises even greater opportunities for networking and business collaboration.

“La Guilde is proud to bring new business development solutions and expertise to Canada’s flagship B2B event in the video game industry. Pairing Game Caviar’s business expertise and XP Gaming’s leadership brings tremendous value to MIGS participants and specifically to our members,” said Jean Jacques Hermans, executive director, La Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec, in a statement.

The partnership between XP Gaming and Game Caviar at MIGS 2024 has the potential to redefine the landscape of external game development. Join us in Montreal this October and be part of this new stage in the ever-evolving video game industry.

Partnership opportunities and super Early Bird discounts on MIGS 2024 passes are available at https://migs.biz/. I am in Toronto this week for the XP Gaming developer event. XP Gaming paid my way to the event, where I will moderate a panel on Thursday on game communities with Amir Satvat.