Mintegral report benchmarks casual gaming metrics on mobile

Programatic and interactive advertising platform Mintegral has partnered with GameAnalytics and Tenjin to publish its 2024 Casual Gaming Report, giving marketers key insights into mobile game advertising. Using data from 2023, the report establishes benchmarks for top metrics like ad buys, retention rate, sessions and eCPMs.

“Casual gaming remains a powerhouse in the mobile app industry,” said Erick Fang, CPO of Mobvista, Mintegral’s parent company. “Understanding user behavior and advertising trends is key to success in this competitive space. Our report equips marketers with the data and insights they need to develop winning strategies.”

Mintegral’s key findings

Among sub-genres, hyper casual games attracted the greatest share of ad buys (34.4%). Together with puzzle and simulation titles, the top three sub-genres accounted for over 70% of ad buys.

Video ads are by far the most prevalent format gaming apps use to advertise their games. Nearly 70% of ads for casual games are in a video format. However, this jumps to roughly 88% in EMEA, North America and LATAM. In APAC, video still accounted for a majority of ad buys but image ads accounted for 43% of the region’s volume.

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This is partially due to APAC having the highest volume of playable ads. Almost a third of ads are playable in APAC, almost double LATAM’s rate of 18.2%.

Platform differences

While developers should serve both Android and iOS devices, there are key differences marketers should consider.

Mintegral casual gaming report android ios sessions per day
Android players open up apps more often than iOS users.

Notably, Android accounts for the majority of ad media spend (62%). Additionally, Android users open the average gaming app 1.37 more times per day than iOS users, despite the average gamers’ play sessions lasting for roughly the same amount of time.

However, retention and eCPMs show why advertisers continue to value iOS users.

On average, games retain iOS users more readily than Android players.

After installing, the average casual gaming app retains 17% of users on Day 1 across both platforms. However, iOS retains 1.25-times greater share of users compared to Android when this data is split by platform.

eCPMs also lean in iOS’ favor. Across both interstitial and rewarded video ads, eCPMs were higher for iOS devices than Android in the U.S., U.K., Japan, Brazil and India. As a result, developers see higher returns per ad on iOS devices, but the overall volume of ads sold is greater on Android.

Mintegral’s full 2024 Casual Gaming Report is available now.