NASCAR brings its familiar roadways to Fortnite’s Rocket Racing

NASCAR is bringing its iconic tracks to Rocket Racing in Fortnite, together with United Kingdom metaverse studio Karta.

The first track to be reimagined is the Chicago Street Course, with additional tracks planned to release later in 2024.

Players will race with cars they own in their Fortnite inventory, navigating multiple routes, mastering speed, drifting and obstacles in multiplayer or solo races encouraging map exploration. It’s the first step for NASCAR, America’s most popular motorsport, to officially enter the Fortnite ecosystem — announcing its debut with a one-of-a-kind, high-octane racing experience built in Rocket Racing.

Developed in partnership with Karta, the experience launches with a Chicago Street Course map, styled on the real NASCAR Chicago Street Race taking place this Sunday 7th July, merging the thrill of NASCAR racing with the dynamic creativity of the Fortnite ecosystem.

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Karta is working with NASCAR.
Karta is working with NASCAR on a game for racing in Fortnite.

With the first Chicago Street Map, players navigate multiple routes, master the art of speed, drift and avoid obstacles in intense multiplayer races or solo time trials.

Debuting ahead of the real-life Chicago Street Race, NASCAR’s official launch on Fortnite brings its second annual event in the center of one of the world’s greatest cities, into the Fortnite world. The map gives NASCAR fans, and players of all levels who may have never interacted with the sport, the chance to get closer to the real event than ever before – setting it apart from typical Rocket Racing maps.

With this experience aimed at gamers of all levels, NASCAR’s move into the Fortnite ecosystem isn’t just a one-time event while the Chicago race takes place.

“NASCAR has always been about pushing boundaries and connecting with fans in exciting ways,” said Nick Rend, managing director of esports & gaming at NASCAR, in a statement. “Fortnite provides the perfect platform to engage a global audience, blending the intensity of NASCAR racing with the immersive world of Fortnite. Karta, with their incredible creativity, attention to detail and innovative approach, were the perfect partners to help us bring this vision to life. We wanted to build something with longevity for both diehard NASCAR enthusiasts and the wider Fortnite community and we think we have succeeded with just that.”

NASCAR tracks are coming to Rocket Racing.

NASCAR is setting its sights on a permanent fixture on the platform, with the Chicago map marking the start of a long-term racing experience for players to continuously visit. Looking ahead at the NASCAR calendar, fans of America’s No. 1 form of motorsports and the Fortnite community can get excited, as NASCAR eyes wider plans to add more virtual recreations on the platform.

Erik Londré, CEO of Karta, said in a statement, “Working with an icon of motorsports like NASCAR has been a dream come true. Our goal was to capture the essence of NASCAR racing – the speed, the strategy, the adrenaline – and inject it with a dose of Fortnite fun. The result is something truly special – a high-octane, visually stunning racing experience that we know players will love.”

Karta is known for creating engaging virtual gaming experiences for global brands. Karta has established itself as a leader in creating accessible and impactful brand experiences within the metaverse across gaming, music and esports.

Since its inception in July 2021, Karta has collaborated with a diverse range of global brands, including Nicki Minaj, Blackpink, Twice, Amazon Music, McDonald’s, Spotify, and Hugo Boss, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving landscape of metaverse entertainment.

NASCAR Chicago Street Race is available to play on Fortnite now.