Republic of Gamers unveils new $800 ROG Ally handheld game console

Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced a new model of the ROG Ally handheld game console. It’s available for preorder now for $800.

Designed for Windows 11 gaming on the go, the ROG Ally X features the same AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor with upgraded storage, RAM, and battery life, alongside an updated chassis for improved ergonomics, cooling, and connectivity.

Combined with Armoury Crate SE 1.5, which features a new customizable game library and unified system updates, the ROG Ally X is designed to #playALLYourgames better than ever.

More storage, faster RAM, and longer battery life

The ROG Ally X has upgrades for many of its internal components. A new 1TB SSD ensures users have room for all their games. In addition, the ROG Ally X uses a redesigned motherboard featuring an M.2 2280 form factor slot, allowing users to more easily upgrade their storage to larger drives than previously possible.

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Accompanying this storage upgrade is 24GB of DDR5-7500 RAM for more flexibility. As an APU, the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme shares its video RAM with the device’s system RAM. With modern games using more VRAM for high-resolution, lifelike textures, 24GB of system memory allows users to allocate more memory to both the system and the GPU for better performance.

The ROG Ally X has also been outfitted with an 80Wh battery, double the capacity of the previous model, so users can game longer away from the wall. And despite a sizeable improvement in battery life, the ROG Ally X only weighs 1.49 pounds, or 0.15 pounds more than the original ROG Ally, with the weight distribution perfectly centered where your thumb and forefinger lie while gripping the device.

Updated controls and connectivity

The ROG Ally X features a redesigned chassis in a brand-new black colorway, with slightly deeper handles and a more rounded shape for improved comfort, without adding much thickness to the device. The buttons and sticks are arranged in a slightly more ergonomic angle, with a slant to the triggers that makes them easier to press. The macro buttons on the back are also smaller, to reduce accidental presses while keeping them easily accessible.

The joysticks have been replaced with new, more durable module rated for a 5 million cycle lifespan, with stiffer springs for a more familiar response curve to longtime controller gamers. The D-Pad has been similarly improved, with more precise 8-direction input for fighting and retro games.

Users requested more universal I/O, so the ROG Ally’s XG Mobile port has been replaced with two USB Type-C ports on the Ally X, one of which is Thunderbolt-compatible for wide interoperability with third-party docks and external GPUs.

Improved thermals all around

To accommodate the new battery, the ROG Ally features new fans that are 23% smaller, but utilize 50% thinner fan blades to improve airflow.

Two new tunnels in the fan housing direct air up and out toward an additional, third exhaust vent on the upper edge of the Ally. This new thermal solution provides 24% more air volume to be pushed through the device, cooling not only the internal components but also the touch screen, which measures up to 6 degrees Celsius cooler for more comfortable long-term usage.