TheXPlace appoints advisors; launches initiatives addressing income stability

TheXPlace, a job search and networking community site specifically for games industry professionals, announced that it is launching several new product innovations. These new features are aimed at addressing problems of income stability and staffing flexibility. The new features are called Contracting and Payments, Income Assurance, and Events, which will be available in 30 countries at launch.

The Contracting and Payments solution is a one-stop solution that allows users to offer their services for contract work based on industry standards and best practices. Companies can hire from a global talent pool for project-based services, all the way up to full-time employees. Similarly, the Income Assurance and Escrow feature guarantees workers get paid by a certain time, eliminating the need for them to “chase” their employers for funds.

TheXPlace’s Events feature also allows studios or users to host events for networking, learning or creation. Job seekers can connect with potential employers via these events, and studios can assess new talent in a more relaxed environment, according to TheXPlace.

Maya Rand, TheXPlace CEO, said in a statement that this is part of an attempt to address systemic problems in the industry. “The rapid demands and pace at which game teams must iterate their projects create growing pressure for both talent and production teams alike. Couple that with the increasing number of companies adopting freemium models and relying on micro-transactions for monetization, and it is clear production teams are not able to hire with as much agility as they need – a fact compounded by the limitations of today’s outdated tools.”

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A new team of advisors

Alongside its new products, TheXPlace also announced its strategic advisory board, who will help TheXPlace grow. The strategic advisors are: Kat Strafford, formerly of EA and Unity; Micha Kaufman, the founder and CEO of Fiverr; Matt Mickiewicz, cofounder and CPO of Hired; Bryan Neider, formerly of EA and World-Wide Studios Organization. The operational advisors are Amanda Taggart, formerly of Unity
and Elemy; and Melissa Oldrin, formerly of Unity, Pandora and Adobe.

Strafford said in a statement, “With its purpose-built approach, TheXPlace is reimagining the staffing process with an underlying mission of helping both professionals and companies achieve economic prosperity. This is exactly what’s needed in today’s rapidly shifting landscape: an agile workforce solution that allows studios to scale as quickly as the market changes, thereby breaking away from the endemic hire-and-fire that will help the industry operate successfully in a new era.”

The XPlace is also expanding its partnerships — particularly with Unity on its Summer Game Jam, an event which will give young developers a chance to partner with other professionals, chances at mentorships and access to multiple game development tools. TheXPlace will hold its Summer Game Jam on June 13-19, with the theme for the jam being revealed on June 9.