Triple Espresso unveils Copa City soccer tycoon simulator

Developer Triple Espresso today announced the debut of its first title, called Copa City, a tycoon simulator for managing a soccer club empire.

The game from Warsaw, Poland-based Triple Espresso is coming for the PC and consoles.

Copa City combines the strategic depth of a tycoon simulator with the thrilling atmosphere of football, offering players a unique and immersive experience. You can step into the shoes of a city manager preparing for the biggest soccer events.

From orchestrating security measures and setting up food vendors to ensuring top-notch entertainment, Copa City challenges gamers to create a seamless experience for the fans. As you navigate through the game, you’ll encounter world-renowned football clubs, including FC Bayern Munich, Arsenal FC, and CR Flamengo, each bringing their own unique challenges and environments.

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Game Features

You can manage several teams in Copa City.

The game features real cities, real clubs and real challenges. You can organize matches in three distinct,
real-world cities, recognizable by their landmarks. The matches will showcase six fully licensed soccer clubs, an elite and diverse selection, which includes Arsenal FC, FC Bayern Munchen and CR Flamengo.

Players can make the city gradually surrender to the irresistible charm of the soccer fiesta. It’s up to you to provide people with emotions that will resonate and ensure everyone has a good experience.

You have to take control of the city. Players have to build an urban space, set up fan zones, take care of the media facilities, properly display official sponsors, and plan the logistics to ensure that fans and teams arrive at the stadium on time. You have full decision-making abilities.

Copa City introduces a twist to the tycoon genre. With medium-paced gameplay and challenging missions, players are tasked to prepare their cities for the showdown of renowned teams. You have to ensure safety, entertainment, and stadium capacity before kick-off, utilizing diverse mechanics and strategic planning for a truly rewarding experience.

Choose from a variety of real stadiums and its cities tailored to your preference and experience the tension of organizing a tight match, along with the jubilation of victory.

Are you ready to be a soccer tycoon?

“Our approach changes the rules significantly as we switch from the perspective of [soccer] players to recognizing the perception of football fans. Taking care of the organization of a [soccer] match creates an unforgettable experience deeply rooted in the real emotions of fans that reflect the true spirit of football,” said Karol Leśniewicz, lead game designer, in a statement. “Each decision taken has consequences and impacts both safety and entertainment not only of the visiting supporters, but also the neighborhood of the hosting-city. Brand new approach towards social, cultural and economic factors guarantees that
each gameplay mode will provide a unique experience of organising a football match.”

Copa City is set to launch in 2025 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Triple Espresso is a newly established gaming studio in Warsaw, Poland. It is a team composed of industry veterans (experienced at Ubisoft, Techland, Blizzard Entertainment and EA Sports, previously working on titles such as Dying Light 2, Watch Dogs, Pure Farming 2018, Builder Simulator and Airport Sim), and soccer experts (experienced at Legia Warszawa).